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Featured products

Reusable Tie-It Cable Ties

Pack of 8. Breaking strain 180 kg (375 lbs).

Warratah Rebar Caps

Warratah - large rebar - small rebar cap. Rebar Safety Caps Covers.


Funnel - around 600m diameter

Clothes Airer

Made to your size. 4 or 5 rank max length 2m Pulleys and rope included. Flat pack assembly required.
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Tie-It Cable Ties Opening Special

400 MM AND 900MM 2000 OF EACH SIZE minimum order 100

Ferret & Stoat Trap


Fire Guards

Made to measure fire guards. Flat pack, made to measure, price on size. ie: Guard in picture is $350
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About us

Mike Holden, creator and Managing Director of Holden Ideas, is a native of Canterbury, Mike has been inventing and manufacturing products in New Zealand for over 30 years.

Mike has traveled extensively not only throughout New Zealand but all over the world. During his many travels, he has worked in the sheep and cattle farming industries.

He is also a lifelong hunter and fisherman.

Mike is well known in the Pest control Industry for his experience and his creation of ingenious products. Some of these products include:

  • The Holden Live Capture Ferret and Stoat trap
  • Mustelid bait
  • Possum dough

He is also the creator and manufacturer of the extremely popular heavy-duty reusable cable tie known as the "Tie It".


Mike has a passion for locally made, good quality products that are affordable yet built to last.

He currently has a new range of products he is excited to introduce into the marketplace, so please check out the products in his new online store.

A great believer in bringing ideas to life, Mike is always interested in connecting with other entrepreneurs. Having built, run, and sold several successful ventures, Mike understands the success that great teamwork can yield.

Mike is a heart, an adventurer and one of his core values is to be better every day. A value he has passed on to his two wonderful children, who are by far his proudest achievement.